January 2023 Pricing Alert

Please be aware that natural gas prices within the PG&E, SoCal Gas and SDG&E service area will be SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER on your next month’s invoice. The price for natural gas throughout the State of California in December has increased due to a rise in consumer demand for electrical power generated from natural gas-powered utility plants due in part to drought conditions reducing hydroelectric generation, lower wind and solar output, as well as overall increase in electrical usage.  If you are on a variable index pricing structure, we are anticipating your price will be much higher than your current invoice.

Please note: This price increase has nothing to do with Tiger’s service and will affect every account within the entire PG&E, SoCal Gas and SDG&E service area. We understand that such unexpected and volatile price increases are difficult to manage and to include within your budget. Tiger offers various options to lock in fixed prices for your account(s) that will protect or insulate you from future price shocks, such as this. If you are interested to lock in a fixed price for your account(s) or discuss your options, please contact us by e-mail at Marketing@TigerNaturalGas.com or call (888) 875-6122.

What is Fixed Pricing?

Tiger’s Price Protection Plan allows customers the ability to know what price they will pay for their natural gas in advance. This allows you to budget and plan effectively, while Protecting you from price increases in the volatile Natural Gas market…. Learn More

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