Utility Audit and Rate Optimization

TIGER provides utility invoice audit and monitoring services to electricity and gas customers within the Pacific Gas & Electric service territory in California to identify and reconcile utility billing errors, as well as ensure customers are paying the lowest rate for their supply.

Utility invoices are complicated and can be quite confusing, even for business professionals.

Many just wait to receive their monthly invoice and pay the total amount due reflected on the front page to ensure business continues as usual. However, that total amount paid is comprised of many parts including supply, transportation, transmission, distribution, and fuel charges, as well as customer fees and utility user taxes.

Charges assessed by the utility for each of these components can also vary by nuance for things like hours of operation, the volume of use, seasonal use, industry sector, etc. Often, businesses are eligible to receive their gas and electricity service under multiple rate structures, but only one rate structure can be applied to each meter for utility billing purposes.

That single rate structure determines what the customer pays for each of the aforementioned invoice components that comprise the monthly invoice total and can result in the customer paying more than what they would have if they were classified under the optimal rate structure suited to their specific needs.

This is where TIGER’s invoice audit and rate optimization services provide value to the customer.

The utility is focused on ensuring the reliability of electricity and gas supplies so businesses can continue to operate. TIGER is focused on making sure the customer pays the least amount possible for that supply. TIGER bears the cost of providing these services to the customer. The customer only pays if TIGER saves them money by means of a refund for historical utility billing errors, or by placing the customer on a utility rate better suited to their business.


Service Highlights:

FREE Savings Analysis with no cost unless we find actionable opportunities for savings.


Identifies billing errors up to 36 months back and obtains refunds for customer.

Identifies and facilitates reclassification to optimal rate structure for customer meter(s).

Automatically monitors rates for the duration of the contract term to ensure optimal performance.


Customer ONLY pays TIGER if they realize a savings or receive a refund for billing errors.


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